In order to accommodate prospective members of our tennis club that do not have command of the Dutch language we provide a summary of the rules of engagement to become a member of our beautiful tennis club on this webpage. In all cases the original Dutch rules of engagement  of our tennis club will prevail.

How to become a member?
You can sign up for membership of our tennis club throughout the year. To sign up for membership you have to fill in our application form, which you can download from, our website: inschrijfformulier. After you have filled in your application this will be routed electronically to our club administration. 

TV Forescate has 7 gravel courts and 9 all weather courts (of which one is a “mini court”). The all weather courts can be played on during the entire year unless weather circumstances (like snow or defrost) prohibit this. The gravel courts (which can be illuminated) are closed during the winter season.

Dues 2021

There are 4 tariffs dependent on the age, a member has at 31 December of the year.

If one subscribes during the year there is a discount on the due.


Age per 31/12 1-Jan 1-Apr 1-Jul 1-Oct
Senior 18 years a.o.

€ 280 € 250 € 155 € 75
Senior 70 a.o.  € 210 € 185 € 115 € 55
Junior 10 - 17 years € 165 € 145 € 90  € 40
Junior < 10 years € 100 € 85 € 50  € 20

The second junior and next on one address becomes € 15 discount. This is only valid for a full year.

A student/pupil at a university, college or other full- time students each year must send a copy of the student card/certificate of registration to the member administration, he/she will receive a 25% discount for seniors dues. This copy must be received at last by December 15 to be valid for the next calender year. Student and school discount is not transferable to others.

Payment of Entrance fees and dues
It is not possible to pay cash. You always receive an invoice via e-mail. So make sure your e-mail address is send to our administration office by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]. After receipt of the invoice you are required to pay using your bank account, referring clearly to the invoice number. After we have received payment you can pick up your “players pass”, which you need to reserve a court to play on, in the clubhouse. The player’s passes are renewed every year.